Millennials versus Gen X dating attitudes

The relationship views differences between millennials and Generation X is a complicated one. There are so many stereotypes out there about what each generation believes and how they act. From politics to sex, here’s what the differences are:

Acceptance Of Sexuality 

Millennials are more likely to have sex with their Cairns escorts on the first date, as well as forgo dating altogether. They would opt instead for hookup apps that help them find casual partners in their area.

Gen Xers were raised in a time when sex was still taboo, so it’s no wonder that they would be hesitant to engage in sexual acts with someone they just met. 

Millennials, however, grew up during a time when there was less shame surrounding one’s sexuality and more acceptance of others’ choices of how they want their bodies used or displayed.

Sexy blonde woman on the bed.

Sex Is Often More Casual Rather Than Serious

Millennials also tend to see relationships as something that can be casual rather than serious, and this extends into hookups too. In a recent study, it was found that older generations had fewer partners over their lifetime than younger generations did at similar ages. Those who did have multiple partners tended towards more casual encounters. 

This study also showed that there is an increase in friends-with-benefits relationships, which is basically having sex without having any romantic involvement. 

Who To Date Based On Political Views 

Many millennial men and women reported that they would not be opposed to having a long-term relationship with someone who had different political beliefs than their own.In fact, many millennial men and women expressed interest in dating someone who was politically opposed to them but still shared similar values. 

This is a stark contrast from the majority of Gen X respondents, who said they would not be interested in dating someone whose political views differed from their own. Having the same political views for a GenXer is often deemed necessary for a harmonious relationship. 

About Being Open-Minded 

These young people are very accepting and open-minded about their relationships. Millennials are more open-minded, accepting and tolerant of other people’s dating habits. Millennials are more accepting of different sexualities, different races, different political views and even religious beliefs.

Millennials believe that you shouldn’t judge people by their race or gender but rather by their personality and character instead. This is why millennials are more open to dating outside their ethnicity. 

Millennials don’t see it as a problem or something wrong with them for being attracted to someone from a different race, as they grew up with the principle of equality. Unlike those who belong to Generation X, those concerns were still being threshed out by them, as they paving the future to have such a mindset about equality, as reflected in the generations now. 

In Conclusion

The millennial generation is more open-minded regarding dating and relationships and willing to date people with different political beliefs. They are also more likely than older generations to have sex on the first date. These young people are very accepting and open-minded about their relationships.