Panache is a long distance rally without assistance.
From Brussels to Nice to celebrate le Tour de France.
Making the connection between Grand départ 2019 & 2020.
Passing by several mandatory control points all around Belgium and France in a social way.
A perfect introduction to the world of ultra-cycling.

It will start on August 16th 2020 at the Stade Roi Baudouin.
(Brussels to Stavelot about 160km)

Follow the riders here.

– Checkpoint 1 – Stavelot (BE)
Stavelot to Epernay about 260km
– Checkpoint 2 – Epernay (FR)
Epernay to Tours about 350km
– Checkpoint 3 – Tours (FR)
Tours to Prades d’Aubrac about 450km
– Checkpoint 4 – Prades d’Aubrac (FR)
Prades d’Aubrac to la Turbie about 500km
– Checkpoint 5 – La Turbie (FR)
La Turbie to Nice about 20km.

Arrival time at Nice August 27th  2020 at last 18h00.

Distance: around 1700km
Elevation: around 13000m to 19000 m.

You will be able to participate solo or enjoy the ride as a team.