Panache 2020

Ultra-cycling: The First Edition Panache 2020

The first edition of Panache was held in very uncertain conditions due to the Corona pandemic.

Introduction of ultra-cycling

Panache wants to be an introduction to ultra-cycling but it should certainly not be underestimated. It’s also a tribute to the first cycling heroes who achieved the tour de France in its earliest form.

Ultra-cycling : The First Edition Panache 2020 Brussels - Nice
Ultra-cycling: The First Edition Panache 2020 Brussels – Nice – credit photo @rapha


With that in mind, Panache 2020 made the junction between Brussels Grand Départ 2019 and Nice Grand Départ 2020. 


The participants cycled from Brussels to Nice, passed the 5 mandatory checkpoints and had around 1800 km on the counter. 

The rally started only with little family encouraging the participants at the Royal Baudouin Stadium. One by one the participants started their journey through beautiful landscapes and over hills that hurt the legs after being so long on the bike.

They met a lot of nice people along the way and had to keep the energy level high all the time. They slept along the road or in hotels. Every rider wrote their own story, had their own goal and a different approach of making their way through the rally.

First stop was in the Ardennes, then the riders had to pass the Champagne region. Afterwards, they couldn’t take the shortest way to the south but had to pass Tours and the idyllic Prades d’Aubrac.

There the riders were encouraged by almost the whole village when they saw a dot coming closer.

Not every rider made it to Nice and for a lot of riders, Panache ended before it even started. New COVID-19 restrictions some days before the start made it impossible for some riders around Europe to make it to the start.

Even during this strange period, Panache 2020 did happen. So will Panache 2021!


Alex Molin Pradel – Dimitri Hoebreckx – Laurent Horvath – Johan De Geest – Daavid Malfliet – Maxime BeHard and Fabian Binard (team) – Fuelled_by_fries (team) – Robin Vanhoutte – Pjotr Hubin


Pictures @cyclingmedia_agency