Covid situation: participants must respect the rules of each country.


Panache is a long-distance cycling rally without assistance created by Kring. It is a rally from Brussels to La Turbie to celebrate the Tour de France.

We want to pay tribute to the first cycling heroes who achieved the tour de France in its earliest form. It is reserved to experienced riders, capable to rely on themselves no matter the conditions. We would never encourage anybody to attempt our event unless they are absolutely sure of their own capabilities.

Please keep in mind that at all time you are 100% responsible of your decision to participate or not, and only you are responsible for your acts, at all time during this journey.

There is no established road, no magical recipe either.

Route Overview 

You will have to make your own route.

The only restrains are to pass by several mandatory control points in a certain time and obligatory passages:

Checkpoint 1
MUR – Coffee & Cycling, Place St Séverin 7, 4500 Huy, Belgium

– Opening 13/06 at 15h00
– Closing 13/06 at 19h00

Checkpoint 2
Domaine Mann – 11 Rue du Traminer, 68420 Eguisheim, France

– Opening 14/06 at 12h00
– Closing 15/06 at 18h00

Checkpoint 3
Reload Escapes – Brumes – 2, passages des bains, 74000 Annecy, France

– Opening 15/06 at 12h00 (last update)
– Closing 17/06 at 18h00

Checkpoint 4
ALBA Optics – Via B.Buozzi 31, 20017 Rho/Milan, Italie

– Opening 17/06 at 9h00 (last update)
– Closing 21/06 at 15h00

Checkpoint 5 (Finish)
Kring Clubhouse – 12 rue duGénéral de Gaulle, 06320 La Turbie, France

– Opening 17/06 at 10h00 (last update)
– Closing 23/06 at 15h00

Obligatory passages:

Mur de Huy (BE), Ballon d’Alsace (FR), Pas de Morgins (CH/FR), Col du Grand Colombier (FR).

Rally Categories 

Panache is primarily designed as a solo challenge, but to make it more accessible to less experienced riders or those that want to share the experience, we have also included a Team category. We will accept teams or groups of two riders or more to enter the race, there is no limit.

Riders are expected to be entirely self-sufficient. They must not receive any outside assistance, be that private resupply, navigation information, information on where they are in the race rankings, drafting other riders, etc. The same rules apply for team riders but to the team as a whole.

They are allowed to assist and support each other within the team, but the team as a whole cannot receive any assistance from outside of the team. If you have any doubts as to what constitutes outside assistance and private resupply, we are happy to answer any of your questions.

We feel that a little further clarification can be helpful when it comes to solo racers riding together. We don’t want to discourage people riding together intermittently and sharing the experience because of a fear of being declassified or disqualified. We’re not going to quantify precisely how much time can be spent with another rider before it constitutes riding as a pair.

Essentially, if you ride with someone, it should be because you happen to be riding at the same pace at that time. What you should not be doing is the following: planning to sleep in the same place, waiting for each other, etc. for days on end. 

Rally Coverage and Riders Updates 

There will be several ways for spectators to follow the rally. First and foremost, will be the Rally Map and rider ‘dots’; the go to resource for your family, friends and followers to check on your progress.

We will also be posting daily images on our social media channels. Look out for one of our two control cars as they make their way along the rally route on the lookout for riders.

We may also be placing photographers in some pretty remote and hard to reach spots, so keep an eye out, you never know when they might come across you.

In addition to this, we will be keeping an eye on your social media.
While a lot of the coverage will go to those at the sharp end of the rally, our control cars will be spread throughout the field and we will do our best to post updates on as many riders as possible, regardless of where they are in the rally standings.

The official hashtag for this edition of the race is #PNC21

Trackers: SOS/Assistance: The use of the tracker buttons has precise instructions that must be strictly adhered to..

You will be responsible of the adequate charge of your tracker, that means it is your duty to feed your tracker with electricity before it goes off: your tracker is the definite way of proving your rally, without it there is a doubt, you want to avoid any doubt as you will have to find ways to proof your good faith.

Your tracker is your only friend. 

Panache will be making updates via the following channels:

Instagram: @panache.rally
Facebook page: facebook.com/panache
On our website: www.panache-official.com

The primary means of following the rally will be the rally map and the dots. However, please remember that the information provided by the system is not infallible. As with other events where the system is used, there may be periods where tracking is incomplete or less than 100% reliable.

There can be tracker failures and issues with tracker reliability. It is natural for people, especially friends and family, to worry about riders when their tracker stops moving for any length of time.

Please do not panic as there are many reasons why this could be the case. If you are particularly concerned, you can send an email to hello@panache-official.com, with the rider number and TRACKING in the title.

The person on duty at HQ, can then act accordingly and compare with other data from the control cars and latest dot watching logs. We will do our best to get back to you in a timely manner and check on riders as necessary, but please understand that we are very busy during this time.

Finally, remember that in case on system or hardware failure, alternative communication solutions are available at practically all time everywhere, you could have to rely on local peoples.

Remember that tracker failure is the only excuse you have to rely on locals without being disqualified, you can ask to use a telephone or computer to reach the race organization and that is it.

Scratching from the Rally 

If you end up in the situation where, for one reason or another, you cannot continue with your race, and wish to drop out or ‘scratch’ from the rally please get in touch with us as soon as possible by sending an email. If you are unable to do so, please use one of the contact methods above.

Include in your email as much information as possible regarding the circumstances of your withdrawal from the rally, including your full name and race number. Note that all riders are welcome to celebrate with us at the finish regardless of how they get there.

Take a break and think twice, there is no turning back. 

Also keep in mind that in case of scratch it is your responsibility to find a way to restitute your tracking device to the organization of the rally within the time the rally ends, otherwise your deposit will be forever lost.

Registration process 

Registration: Sunday june 13th,  10h00
Location:   TOUR & TAXIS (GARE MARITIME) – rue Picard 11, 1000 Bruxelles (Belgium

Please make sure you bring all the documents with you outlined below in this manual and in any other information communications.
When you arrive give your name at the desk. We will invite you to complete the various checks, when all elements of the process are complete you will be invited to collect your tracker.

You will be required to attend the Rider Briefing which is mandatory, after which you will collect your manifesto and number which is required to race PNC21.

We complete the following checks at registration: 

  • ID – This is to ensure that you are you.
  • Contact information – We like to be secure we have your current mobile number while you are racing and the correct contact details.
  • Medical note.
  • Tracker deposit – 150 euro deposit -cash- will be asked at the start of the race for your tracker. The deposit will be given back at the finish, when the tracker is returned.
  • Bike and equipment check (Shimano)– our volunteer mechanics will check the basics and advise of any issues to address. Bikes that fail the check will be prevented from starting until the issues are fixed. It is advisable to ensure your bike is in pristine condition prior to leaving home and to carry basic spares. Please note we do not perform any maintenance we only advise. Our mechanics have about 100 bikes to check so please be respectful of their time. Although we will endeavor to work with a local bike shop, riders should not rely on local bike shops stocking whatever might be required in order to start PNC21. Be prepared in order to avoid disappointment.
    Please note that in case of a non-respect of any of the requirements listed, you will be prevented from starting until the issues are fixed and may not be allowed to start, then the registration fees would be forever lost. 

Rider briefing 

The rider briefing will take place before the start of the rally. This briefing is mandatory for all riders and will either confirm or update you on the information provided in this manual.

How and if the rider briefing will take place depends on the current COVID regulations. You will be briefed about this at the registration desk.

At the registration stand you will receive you Brevet Card and numbered bottles who needs to be visible on the bike.

The Brevet Card is your official record of rally times. Without a Brevet Card, you may not appear on the rally results.

Volunteers at Control Points 

Please be mindful that the people you will meet at the start, finish and control points will be volunteers who are giving their time to make all this possible. Please be kind and courteous to all volunteers, no matter how tired you are, without these people there would be no rally. 

The checkpoints 

There will be seven mandatory checkpoints in Panache 2021. Checkpoints are used as a mean of confirming the passage of rally participants along the route both as proof of full participation.

Passage through each checkpoint is confirmed by a distinctive stamp on your Brevet card. Each checkpoint is located where there are certain resources or services.

In accordance with the principles of unsupported riding, any services are limited to those generally commercially available. 

Operating Hours 

The checkpoints will be open during a certain time. There you will be able to validate your Brevet card. Above you find an operating schedule for each checkpoint.

The checkpoints are the best place for friends, families and supporters to cheer on riders should they decide to do so. We recommend that anyone coming out to support riders get in touch with PNC21 beforehand.

Checkpoint Cut-offs

PNC will not be operating hard cut-offs for the rally checkpoints. You will be free to continue on your way around the rally course even if you are outside the time frame of the rally. You will be able to self-validate using a recognizable photograph at the checkpoint location.

However, please be aware that if you are outside the checkpoint closing times PNC21 will not be in a position to provide even the most basic assistance should you require it.

Safety Throughout the Rally 

We ask our riders to always consider safety first when making any decision, to dress appropriately for the conditions at all times and carry enough equipment to manage the rigors and risks of the event.

Risks involved in the event can include, cycling in adverse weather conditions and poor visibility, difficult terrain, other road users and animals.

All riders must be visible on the road and have sufficient lights to ride safely in all visibility conditions. We will check the following at registration:

  • A Helmet which conforms to current regulations, is the correct size and securely fastened and worn at all times.
  • Two independent* white front lights available for use (i.e. attached to the bicycle or carried) at all times. The light must conform to current EC regulations.
  • Two independent* red rear lights available for use (i.e. attached to the bicycle or carried) at all times. The light must conform to current EC regulations.
  • One of each front and rear light must be fixed to the bicycle or to a secure accessory (e.g. a rack or saddle bag). At low light, in poor visibility and at night at least one front light and one rear light must be illuminated.
  • A rear red reflector must be permanently fixed to the bicycle. Note that the rear reflector may be part of a rear light.
  • A fluorescent and retroreflective upper-body garment (most commonly a vest) must be worn at low light, in poor visibility and at night. The reflective garment must be worn over the top of all garments. The retroreflective component should be significant and placed across the front and back of the garment. Reflective piping alone is not considered sufficient.
  • To comply with the Belgian and French law it is required that riders carry a bell capable of being heard at a sufficient distance.

* Independent means that both front or rear lights cannot be powered from the same source. The same source can power one front light and one rear light.


It is strongly recommended that riders:

  • Wear light or bright colored elements to their clothing
  • Apply reflective tape to crank arms and seat stays.
  • Apply reflective tape to helmets and bike luggage.

Riders must be aware of the road legislation for all countries they are cycling through throughout the rally. For example, it is illegal to wear earphones and ear pieces on roads.
Riders should undertake their own research about the countries the rally will visit. It is your own responsibility to be aware of the different laws.

In general, always check your lights are in good working order before it starts to get dark and make sure you are physically and mentally in good shape and well fed for what is ahead.

Front and rear lighting should be functioning at full capacity and highly visible at all times when riding after dark or in poor visibility situations.

Riders found to be racing without the required safety precautions may find they have been removed from the race. All riders stopped by race organizers for safety infringements will be required to stop riding and address the issue immediately.

Riders should also stop when they are tired, well before they are at risk of falling asleep whilst riding. Apart from any obvious safety risks it is notable that riders become very slow when tired and the increase in speed after a short sleep pays back the rider for the time stopped.

The risks of fatigue could become an issue for ultra-distance events and we thank you for considering your safety before your place on the race.

Registration documents – Checklist 

For registration you will need to provide the following:

  • Photographic identification
  • Doctor’s Note
  • Photo ID – For example Passport / Driver’s License / ID card to prove it is you and so no imposter can steal your place on the starting line.
  • Doctors Note. Due to regulations in France we must ask you to provide a medical note signed by your doctor to certify that you are in good enough physical health to undertake the demands of the race. The note must bear the name and marks of a traceable doctor’s practice, confirm that there are no known health reasons that you should not participate and mention the Panache by name. Please bring this to registration.

Medical advice should be provided by your doctor. It is important that they understand the nature of the rally in order to be able to advise you appropriately.

We also recommend you discuss with your doctor ailments or conditions which may pertain to you and any medication you may need during the rally. These include, but are not limited to, the following:

  • Asthma and other respiratory illness.
  • Severe allergy/ anaphylaxis/ bee and other insect stings.
  • Wound care- including dog bites.
  • Heat exhaustion/ heat stroke.
  • Eye care (contact lens users take note)
  • Skin and soft tissue infections – including saddle sores.
  • Vomiting and diarrhea.
  • Urinary tract infection.
  • Musculoskeletal ailments including muscle strain, tendinitis, and ligamentous injury.
  • Asthma medication.
  • Medication for severe allergic reaction/ anaphylaxis.
  • Medication for vomiting and diarrhea.
  • Safe and appropriate use of pain and inflammation medication in endurance sports.

Conditions for qualification

Riders will qualify for Solo or Pairs general classification if:

  • They begin and finish their race under the same classification
  • They remain self-sufficient for the entire duration of their ride
  • They validate at controls within the time of operation


In order to provide a simple framework for the rally this is a simplified set of rules and is therefore open to interpretation. Interpretation for the purposes of rally reporting will be made by the rally director. The rally director’s decision is final.

This is a largely self-certified rally and it is taken on trust that the ride presented has been ridden in good faith. However, if that trust is found to be broken, for example if the rider is pictured drafting another, dismissal of the offending riders will be swift and definite.

You are strongly encouraged to report foul play in your fellow riders. This should not be viewed as malicious against the rider(s) in question, but a favor and duty to the riding community and in the interest of preserving an honest self-policing rally culture.

Riders should act within the spirit of the rules as well as within the letter of them. This is largely what Rule no.9 means.

In the event that a competitor is found to have broken, bent or attempted to circumvent the rules in order to gain an advantage, violations will be taken on a case by case basis.

Just because there isn’t a rule to cover the specific flavor of deviousness chosen, it doesn’t mean a rider will get away with it.

Riders who do not validate at controls within their designated times of operation, by definition exclude themselves from the validation procedure provided by the event.

Riders must understand that if they are not within the time-frame of the checkpoints’ operation, they are essentially entirely on their own. It is extremely important to understand this.

Riders should talk to us. If there’s ambiguity on the rules or riders don’t know what to do; then they should ask.

If you think you did something cheeky but you didn’t mean it – tell us, explain why and surely everything will be OK.

If you need to make a judgement call, think about the spirit of fair play and doing the right thing, think of the rider behind you and the rider in front, how you would feel if you were them.

Tell us what you see. Collect evidence, make a video of your predicament, that kind of thing. The more up front you are, the better.

We prepared everything carefully and payed all things needed for this rally. Therefore, your inscription is definitive and cannot be refunded.

Panache is a trip that should not be underestimated.