Please keep in mind that you are 100% responsible for your decision to participate, and that you are the sole responsible for your actions, at any time during this rally.

Please only attempt this rally if you are sure of your abilities.  


You will be responsible for making your own itinerary. The only constraints are to go through our mandatory checkpoints and timed segments:

– The precise checkpoints and timed segments will be disclosed 5 weeks before departure (i.e. August 7, 2022).



Several checkpoints are mandatory in Panache 2022: Checkpoints are used as a means of confirming the passage of participants along the route, and serve as proof of full participation in the rally.

These checkpoints will be activated via your tracker.

No timing is imposed at checkpoints.

New for the 2022 edition: four timed segments will be set up on compulsory segments of the circuit.

3/ RALLY CATEGORIES (individual or team)

The Panache rally is designed mostly as a solo challenge.

For those who want to share the experience, we have included a Team category (groups of 2 minimum).

In this case, the autonomy rules do not apply to individual riders but to the team as a whole. Team members are allowed to help and support each other, but cannot receive any help from outside the team.

To validate the completion of the rally, the whole team must cross the finish line.


Your tracker is your only friend!

You will be responsible for the proper charging of your tracker.

Your tracker will demonstrate with absolute certainty your participation in the rally. 

In the event of a problem with your tracker, you will have to prove your good faith.

Please note that the tracker’s failure is the only excuse accepted to justify relying on third parties without being disqualified. In this case, you may ask to use a telephone or a computer to reach the rally organization.


Specific instructions on how to use the tracker’s emergency buttons will be provided to you at check-in 

Spectators may follow the rally ‘live’ on our website.

New tracking service: www.owaka.com 


We kindly ask our participants to always consider safety above anything else.

It is important to dress appropriately and bring enough gear to handle possible adverse conditions such as bad weather, poor visibility, difficult terrain, other road users and animal crossings (…).

All riders must be visible on the road and have sufficient lighting to ride safely in all conditions.

Once on the starting pole, we will check that the following conditions are met:

  • A helmet that complies with the regulations in force, at the right size, firmly attached and to be worn at all times.
  • Two independent* white front lights that can be used (i.e. attached to the bike or worn) at all times. The brightness must comply with the CE regulations in force.
  • Two independent red rear lights* that can be used (i.e. attached to the bike or worn) at all times. The brightness must comply with the CE regulations in force.
  • One of each front and rear light must be attached to the bicycle or to a secure accessory (for example a luggage rack or a saddle bag). In low light, poor visibility and at night, at least one front light and one rear light must be switched on.
  • A red rear reflector must be permanently attached to the bicycle. (Note that the rear reflector may be part of a rear light). A fluorescent and retro-reflective upper body garment (most often a vest) should be worn in low light, poor visibility and at night. Reflective clothing should be worn on top of other clothing. The retro-reflective component should be prominent and placed at the front and back of the garment. Reflective piping alone is not considered sufficient.
  • To comply with Belgian and French legislation, riders are required to wear a bell that can be heard from a sufficient distance.

* ‘Independent’ means the front and rear lights cannot be powered from the same source. 

It is the responsibility of participants to know the road traffic legislation of every country they cross throughout the rally. (For example, it is forbidden to wear helmets and earphones while on the road).

In general, always check that your lights are in good working order before it gets dark and make sure that you are physically and mentally in good shape and well nourished. Front and rear lighting should be operating at full capacity and highly visible at all times during night-time or in poor visibility situations.

Any participant who violates the safety rules will be required to stop riding and address the issue immediately.

Cyclists should also stop when they are tired, long before they are at risk of falling asleep while riding. The risk of fatigue could become a problem for ultra-distance events and we thank you for giving priority to your safety and that of others.


If you find yourself in a situation where you cannot continue your rally and wish to withdraw, please contact us as soon as possible by sending an e-mail at the following address:

Include in your email the circumstances of your withdrawal from the rally, as well as your full name and race number/bib number.

Also keep in mind that should you forfeit the event, it is your responsibility to return your tracking device to the rally organization within the deadline, or your deposit will be definitively lost (maximum 1 week after the end of the rally).


Riders will qualify solo or as a team if:

  • They start and finish their race under the same classification, 
  • They remain independent throughout their ride,
  • They validate the controls points.

There is no podium at Panache rally. All participants crossing the finish line under the conditions requested above are considered winners.


Closing of registrations: August 21, 2022

At the departure point, be sure to bring with you all the documents described below.

When the process is complete, you will be prompted to retrieve your tracker, bib number, and supporting information documents.

Mandatory documents requested before departure:

  • Photo ID (Passport / Driver’s License / Identity Card),
  • Contact details during the rally (telephone, e-mail, Instagram, etc.),
  • A  valid insurance,
  • A deposit for the tracker will be requested before the start of the race (150 euros in cash). The deposit will be given back upon arrival, once the tracker is returned. The tracker must always be returned to the place of arrival, except in exceptional circumstances, (see 6/ Withdrawing from the rally).

Medical notes:

You must provide a medical certificate signed by your doctor stating that you are in good enough physical condition to undertake this demanding rally. The note should bear the name and stamp of a traceable 

medical practice, confirm that there are no known health reasons why you should not participate, and mention the Panache by name.

It is important that the doctor understands the nature of the rally in order to be able to advise you properly.

We also recommend that you discuss with your doctor any ailments or conditions that may affect you and any medications that you may need to take during the rally.

Please ensure that your bike is in perfect condition before starting the rally as we do not perform any maintenance. Failure to follow this fundamental rule will prevent you from starting the rally unless the issues are resolved. If the issues cannot be resolved, the registration fee will be deemed forfeited.


These rules may be subject to interpretation. All decisions will be made by the rally director. These decisions will be final and not contestable. 

Please report any malicious act from fellow riders you may witness. It is in the interest of the community and will help preserve the culture of ‘honest, responsible rallying. 

Please note that this rally has been carefully planned and prepared. 

Your registration is therefore final and non-refundable.